Photography and Décor

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Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to some of the more common questions that I receive about my photography and my services.
Prints are available in 2 sizes: A1 (594x841mm) and A2 (420x594mm). You can choose to have them delivered as they are or stretched on a 40mm Obeche Frame.
I normally get the canvas prints stretched over an Obeche frame. The wood tends to not have any warp in it.
Generally I like to print on canvas and have it stretched onto a frame. I prefer to use a decent frame made from Obeche wood. They don’t warp.
Normally the print will be ready for collection or shipping within a week. For International deliveries, Courier delivery times will be checked.
It could take less than an hour, depending on what you are looking for.
Generally you will get at least one of each pose, outfit or location. So it depends on what you are after.